Collection of 156 laser prints, each 7” x 10”, 103” x 131” when assembled


Case Study 003 –
Upper Torso to Head, frames 0001 - 0156

Continuing in the pseudo-scientific vein of this project, Case Study 003 presents a library of select film stills, which, in order to uncover trends within the representation of intimacy inside popular film, were all collected in relation to the principles defined within the theories of Kinesics and Haptics.

 The films themslves were selected on the basis of either being personally influential to the artist or, as a signifier of their theoretical mass-reach and infuence, due to their place as the highest grossing film of years that, when cross referenced with the lifetime of the artist, reached that place in the years that developmental milestones pertaining to interpersonal communcation were theoretically due.